Our Team

JOANNE BILLINGSLEY – Founder/President Billingsley Education LLC


Joanne is a nationally acclaimed presenter, author and former Texas Regional Teacher of the Year.

She is recognized for her expertise in creating engaging, student-centered classrooms, that support deep language development and meet the needs of a wide range of students, including ELs & diverse student learners.

Joanne is the author of Making Words Real (Routledge 2016) & Aim to Grow Your Brain (Dogear 2009). Her work and research combines current neuroscience research with best practices in teaching. She is passionate about supporting educators and sharing creative strategies for building brain-friendly, language-rich, interactive classrooms and fostering positive academic mindsets. Joanne shares and models creative, practical strategies that can be quickly implemented, generating exciting, repeatable “episodes of success”.

A gifted, articulate speaker, she is renowned for delivering professional development and keynotes that spark creativity and inspiration in her audience!

Joanne received her Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Instruction & Curriculum, and her Master’s degree in School & Public Health Education from Texas A&M University. She resides in San Antonio, Texas.


ANNE WILLIAMS – Chief Operating Officer Billingsley Education

Anne Williams serves as the chief operating officer at Billingsley Education. Traveling from Texas to New York, to Colorado, to Malaysia she has worked with a diverse and wide range of students. She is a multi-talented educator, having taught first graders to read and eighth graders algebra. Most recently, Anne’s creative energy and skills have been focused on the development of Picture Pages™, our newest Vocabulary Magic™ word learning strategy and tool.

Anne resides in Evergreen, Colorado with her two children Julia and Benjamin. She enjoys the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, playing tennis and most of all… discovering new ways to make learning language FUN!

You can contact her at: anne@vocabularymagic.com


KARLA WOERNER – Trainer/Consultant Billingsley Education

Karla’s passion for students and her commitment to education has resulted in a diverse career path within the Texas Public School System. Before joining Billingsley Education, she taught in grades 1-12, served as a Middle School Curriculum Coordinator and an Elementary School Administrator. Karla is a skilled and experienced trainer. Her 28 years of experience in education has allowed her to develop many areas of expertise, including:

• curriculum design and implementation across all grade levels
• data analysis and school improvement plans
• innovative strategies for working with ELs and diverse student learners
• teacher mentor/support programs for new and experienced teachers

She holds a B.S. in Elementary & Special Education, a M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction and an Administrator Certificate. She is a faculty member (Department of Education) at Texas A&M University San Antonio. Karla lives in Pleasanton, TX


What Your Colleagues Say About Billingsley Education

This presentation was extraordinary. Every section was on point and timely. This is the first presentation that I’ve had in a long time that was well put together. I was so pumped, rejuvenated, and empowered as we completed each SIOP section and activities. Thank you ladies for an Awesome Job and the bag of materials!!!

Joanne was a breath of fresh air; witty, energetic, interesting. The seminar content was relevant, research based, practical and doable.

Amazing & enlightening! I have presented at multiple conferences and was blown away with these powerful strategies!

Best conference I have ever attended. Great ideas backed with actual classroom research!

Joanne is one of the most engaging presenters I have ever seen. Her ideas and demonstrations are practical and powerful.

Information and strategies that can be implemented immediately in the classroom. Best workshop I have had the opportunity to attend in 30 plus years of teaching.